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In the next five years, the biggest challenge that architects of CRM systems face will be how to deliver faster

by Olive Huang  |  November 22, 2019

Here is my joke about conferences: Conferences are like fish. Day one we are all fresh. Day two we become a bit slimy. Day three we start to stink and...

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The Edge Will Eat The Cloud

by Thomas Bittman  |  March 6, 2017

Today, cloud computing is eating enterprise data centers, as more and more workloads are born in the cloud, and some are transforming and moving to the cloud. But there's another...

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Cloud Computing Requires Brokers - And Carrots

by Thomas Bittman  |  February 20, 2015

I can use a credit card and get services up and running within a very short amount of time from a cloud provider. Why would I want to use a...

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Antifragile: a book review

by Mark Mcdonald  |  January 9, 2013

Antifragile  by Nassim Nicholas Taleb discusses important issues around resilience and how complex systems survive and thrive in a changing environment.  According to the author the fact that randomness, uncertainty, and volatility...

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Top Five Private Cloud Computing Trends, 2012

by Thomas Bittman  |  March 22, 2012

Private cloud computing continues to heat up, and there are several key trends defining private cloud computing in 2012:1) Real Deployments: We'll see about a 10X increase in private cloud...

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Private Cloud and Hot Tubs

by Thomas Bittman  |  February 28, 2012

Sitting in my hot tub with my wife in central Wisconsin in February made me think about private cloud computing. Why? I was perfectly comfortable where I was, but I...

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