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Network Security Worst Practices (Part 2, Friday the 13th Edition)

by Andrew Lerner  |  November 13, 2015

What better time to talk about worst practices than Friday the 13th? Back in January, we published research (and a blog) on the 12 network security worst practices. These “dirty...

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Amazon announces WAF, but what does it mean for AWS netsec partnerships?

by Matthew Wollenweber  |  October 7, 2015

Amazon Web Services (AWS) just announced a new Web App Firewall (WAF) service. As a technical security control, this appears to be a great step forward. Enterprises are still struggling...

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Application Delivery Controller Tidbits

by Andrew Lerner  |  August 19, 2014

We are currently working on the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Magic Quadrant, and while reviewing responses from end-users/re-sellers that we survey, we came across some interesting data points... (well, to me...

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Don’t Sleep on the WAF

by Andrew Lerner  |  March 12, 2014

A few weeks ago, I reviewed some research from colleagues Jeremy D’Hoinne and Adam Hils on Web Application Firewalls (Hey, who said security and network folks don’t get along!).  It...

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