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Renew Retention Strategies to Retain Technology Talent for Digital Business Success

by Deacon D.K. Wan  |  July 7, 2020

The fear of job security, along with work stress and increased market uncertainty, can significantly deteriorate employee morale and engagement, which are common causes of employee turnover. Combined with many...

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A Generic Framework to Predict Survival Rates of Technologies

by Manjunath Bhat  |  July 5, 2020

As technology leaders renew their business operations and rebound from the current crisis, the onslaught of new technologies poses fundamental questions – which technologies are safe bets? How should technology...

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Register Now for Free Gartner Panel Discussion: Adapt Core Business Apps (ERP, Procurement, Finance, HCM) to Lead COVID-19 Recovery and Renewal

by Debbie Wilson  |  July 3, 2020

July 9 2020 - EDT:  11:00  BST:  14:00 Register HERE Come listen in to analysts Paul Schenck, Ron Hanscome, Micky Keck and John Van Decker COVID-19 severely altered existing plans...

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by Barika Pace  |  July 1, 2020

Analysis The past week has been peppered with headlines about advertisers boycotting social media platforms for their ineffective handling of hate speech. High tech is itself no stranger to stories...

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Why You Need To Know About The Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service World

by Jeffrey Hewitt  |  June 30, 2020

With the proliferation of applications and data in so many locations (e.g. data center, edge, public cloud), the confidence in disaster recovery across all of these locations has reduced. The...

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Apple ARMs up to take back control

by Bill Ray  |  June 26, 2020

Apple laptops are switching to use Apple chips, just like the iPhone and the iPad already do. However, the move has little to do with processing or battery consumption, and...

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Cost Optimization in Online Fraud Detection

by Akif Khan  |  June 25, 2020

Many online businesses are facing financial pressures as a result of the COVID pandemic for a wide variety of reasons. As the macro-economic view across many sectors looks gloomy after...

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Cascading Effects of Virtual Selling on Sales Operations

by Dave Egloff  |  June 24, 2020

Recently, I wrote a blog titled “3 Prerequisites to Virtual Selling Success”, which offered Chief Sales Officers three recommendations to improve sales execution while their sellers are bound by travel...

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Create a Successful Culture of Hybrid Remote Work in Times of Crisis

by Daniel Sanchez Reina  |  June 24, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Employees are trying to adapt to remote or hybrid remote/on-site work, while also facing concerns about employment due to the economic downturn. These...

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Security Vendors are THE Best At 'Security By Obscurity'.

by Mike Wonham  |  June 24, 2020

Part of my role is to monitor vendors in my specialty area. Analysts do this in various ways, vendor briefings, discussions with clients, conferences and expos (although not so much...

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