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It has been a while, good to be here

by Mark Mcdonald  |  January 15, 2019

Back in May 2013 I wrote to thank people for their time and attention reading the blog.  I was moving from Gartner to take a great opportunity at another company. ...

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If there’s a double dip ahead, CEOs should refocus – not reverse

by Mark Raskino  |  January 15, 2019

I recently published a Gartner research note of suggested technology related ‘resolutions’ for chief executives (paywall). It’s a list of pointers to things they can consider doing, to help improve...

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by Frances Russell  |  January 15, 2019

Hello GML clients, I’m Frances Russell, Sr. Principal, Advisory at Gartner. There's always a little risk in revealing a guilty pleasure, and in a first blog post, the stakes seem even...

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Applications 2024: How Application Leaders Should Prepare Their Organizations to Remain Relevant and Highly Effective

by Deacon Wan  |  January 14, 2019

Digital transformation brings great potentials ( and huge impacts ) to the future of the Application leaders and their organization. Lets look at the most important things for application leaders...

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"History, Math, Technology, George Jetson and ERP" by Mike Guay

by Debbie Wilson  |  January 11, 2019

I like history.  It’s an affectation I’ve had since my school days.  It’s amazing what you can learn by studying history. Going all the way back to the Persians, Egyptians,...

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CES 2019 Day Two – The Rise of Reinforcement Learning Robotics

by Werner Goertz  |  January 10, 2019

In my previous blog (see: I argued that value creation from hardware is becoming subordinated to that created by ecosystems and AI. Nowhere is this more manifest than in...

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How does Application Performance Monitoring support digital business transformation?

by Roger Williams  |  January 9, 2019

If you are a Gartner client and this is a question that has been on your mind, you will want to check out the latest research note, "Broaden Application Performance...

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Jan 2019 - DevOps Agenda

by Christopher Little  |  January 9, 2019

Greetings  2019! Here we are in the new year and the 2019 plan looks very exciting for Gartner's DevOps agenda. The 2019 DevOps Primer will be out in a bit (scheduled...

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"Missing Small Free ERP Upgrades Will Cost You Big" by Paul Schenck

by Debbie Wilson  |  January 9, 2019

Everyone loves free stuff. I think of Oprah telling her guests, “You get a car, you get a car!”. Around the office, it seems every optional event relies on the...

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Day One Report from the Google Assistant Convention, Formerly Known as CES!

by Werner Goertz  |  January 8, 2019

As reported in my previous blog (see: the value creation in consumer electronics is shifting away from hardware towards connected ecosystems. Google’s presence here at CES 2019 is an...

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