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On Negative Pressure or Why NOT Objectively Test Security?

by Anton Chuvakin  |  January 22, 2018

A question came up as we are ramping up our testing security and breach and attack simulation tools research projects. Just how motivated are organizations to test whether they have...

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The Bane of All Security Tests: Acting on Results

by Anton Chuvakin  |  January 11, 2018

Want to hear a penetration testing joke? No, not this one: …but this one: Q: Do you need a pentest done? A: Not sure … will it make us secure?...

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New Research: How to Actually Test Security?

by Anton Chuvakin  |  December 26, 2017

As I alluded here, we [Augusto and me] will be starting an epic new research project on testing security [BTW, should we codename it “Testing Security”, Augusto? :-)] First, a...

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Current Research and Symposium Orlando

by Tom Murphy  |  September 24, 2017

I will be at Gartner Symposium in Orlando the first week of October.  If you are attending and want to chat about Software Testing, DevOps and the DevOps toolchain, Code Pipelines,...

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Digging through the data -- Testing Tools and Practices

by Tom Murphy  |  July 15, 2015

We are currently digging through good quantities in data as we build out our testing market documents.  Earlier we had a mind numbing set of vendor briefings and we still...

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The Summer of Testing Research

by Tom Murphy  |  April 7, 2015

We have kicked off our next round of research for the software testing tools market.  We are close to publication on a new Market Guide for API Testing and Service...

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Browser Compatability Testing

by Tom Murphy  |  January 6, 2015

We still receive a fair number of questions about browser compatibility testing. There are a good number of ways to complete this depending on when you are testing and what...

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AADi Summit 2013

by Tom Murphy  |  November 30, 2013

As much as I dislike Las Vegas, I am excited for the Gartner's annual Dev conference and look forward to meeting with our clients. I am going to be trying...

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Some Initial Test Organization Data

by Tom Murphy  |  September 21, 2012

I started a small survey a few weeks back to look at gaining a bit more quantitative information about testing organizations.  I have suspended the survey for now (and folded...

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Discovering Usability

by Tom Murphy  |  January 23, 2012

An element of software quality often overlooked is the issue of usability.  With internal applications you train users on the process to follow and this may make up for a...

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