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Beware the Magic Mirror of Self-Delusion

by Rob Addy  |  October 16, 2013

Everything is wonderful. Your customers are satisfied. Or so your internal metrics suggest. You pay a fortune to collect and analyse the data. Of course it’s accurate and relevant. CSAT...

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Infrastructure Services 2013: Promote your value; Prevent their pain!

by Rob Addy  |  January 9, 2013

Infrastructure services providers must change. Today’s business models won’t work tomorrow. The transition will be hard. Some will fail. Providers must deliver demonstrable value, prevent operational and business pain and...

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The Support Innovators Dilemma

by Rob Addy  |  December 10, 2012

Support innovation is non-trivial i.e. hard. So many potential projects... So little time... How can you secure funding to innovate your services if the business still see you as "just"...

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The Ascent of Knowledge Mountain

by Rob Addy  |  November 25, 2012

Knowledge is power. Everyone "knows" that. But how does one attain it? There are no easy answers to that one. Analytical prowess will be the battleground for service providers in...

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Dear Santa...

by Rob Addy  |  November 20, 2012

My six year old has an uncanny habit of asking the impossible question. If it's not a school run discussion on what part of you goes to heaven when you...

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Take Time to Admire the View (and Enjoy the Pie)

by Rob Addy  |  September 24, 2012

To paraphrase (ok, misquote completely) Ronald Coarse, “If you aggressively interrogate the data for long enough, it will confess everything and anything”. And yet, the inherent dangers of overly rigorous...

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An Ode to Crowdsourcing

by Rob Addy  |  August 9, 2012

A while back I brutalized a Kipling classic in the name of Product Support. Well, now it’s Wordsworth’s turn. “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” gets a revamp in aid...

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An out-of-hours linguistic plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox?

by Rob Addy  |  July 20, 2012

Local language voice support is expensive. Different providers offer different degrees of coverage. Some claim to provide support in 120+ languages for instance. But is this really real? What is...

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Collective Chaos or Communal Consciousness?

by Rob Addy  |  July 4, 2012

The "wisdom" of the collective may be a slight oversell. Sometimes the crowd moves in mysterious ways. It's not an omni-present all knowing sentient entity. No, that’s a gross over...

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"Automation" is the Answer; But what was the Question?

by Rob Addy  |  June 4, 2012

“Automation” is a catch all term used by service providers to explain away projected productivity and margin improvements on investor calls.  But what technologies fall under this banner and how...

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