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Zero Tolerance for Kickbacks . . I Hope!

by Debbie Wilson  |  January 7, 2010

A news piece on a Safeway Inc. Purchasing manager pleading guilty to receiving bribes in exchange for “steering contracts for processed tomato products to SK Foods rather than industry competitors”...

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The Gartner Procurement Q4 2009 Heat Map

by Debbie Wilson  |  December 24, 2009

I took advantage of a bit of quiet time this lovely Christmas Eve to update the heat map for my end-user client interactions this quarter.  Here are some interesting take-aways: ...

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Magic Quadrant Ratings . . Underway

by Debbie Wilson  |  November 28, 2009

In between baking pies, eating turkey, watching hockey (go Monarchs!), playing tennis, and spending time with my family . . . first pass ratings are underway for the updated Magic...

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Some thoughts as I finish up a European Tour

by Debbie Wilson  |  October 23, 2009

I am just wrapping up a tour of several European cities – including Paris, Geneva, Lausanne, Frankfort and Vienna.  It’s always a pleasure to visit clients here but this trip...

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A New Chapter for Emptoris – and Avner Schneur

by Debbie Wilson  |  August 13, 2009

It’s hard to imagine Emptoris without Avner Schneur. When I think of Avner, I think of passion, intensity and drive.  I have no doubt that Emptoris has been a survivor...

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Hype Cycle for Procurement Applications, 2009

by Debbie Wilson  |  August 11, 2009

Procurement spans a rich and diverse range of activities.  The variety of tools available to enable procurement activities and expanding and maturing at a heightened rate this year, due to...

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Q2 09 Procurement Technologies Heat Map

by Debbie Wilson  |  July 22, 2009

One of my favorite things to do is to bury myself in a spreadsheet for some good, old-fashioned data analysis.  This long-term interest in numbers is evidenced by my undergraduate...

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Busch Was Right About One Thing

by Debbie Wilson  |  June 24, 2009

  I suppose I should feel honored that Jason Busch would take the time to speculate in his blog about my work and my priorities.  I’ve certainly gotten some mail...

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Call for Strategic Sourcing Suite Vendors

by Debbie Wilson  |  April 28, 2009

Today I am kicking off the Magic Quadrant for Sourcing Application Suites update process – and calling for vendors that should be considered for inclusion.  (I have not decided on...

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Congratulations to the U.S. Postal Service

by Debbie Wilson  |  April 17, 2009

Apparently the U.S. Postal service does more than just deliver my mail – on time – every day – rain, snow or shine.  ISM, the Institute for Supply Management, just...

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