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Future Data Centers are Not Software Defined, They're Enterprise Defined

by Dave Cappuccio  |  May 24, 2015

There are times in life (and especially within IT) when we must realize that not all things can be delivered (and defined) by software or marketing.  I suppose this realization...

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Software Defined Data Centers - Hype or Reality?

by Dave Cappuccio  |  July 1, 2013

Our industry just loves new catch phrases - and when a new one catches on the vendors and press can get amazingly creative is assigning that phrase roles and responsibilities...

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Software Defined Data Centers and Security–What’s in a Name?

by Neil MacDonald  |  January 29, 2013

Last fall, I wrote a research note for Gartner clients titled "The Impact of Software-Defined Data Centers on Information Security" that explored the impact of software defined infrastructure on security...

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