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The difference between HYPE and reality

by Mark Mcdonald  |  May 1, 2013

How can you tell the difference between hype and reality?  This was the question the President of a Business Unit asked me in front of the corporation’s entire leadership team. ...

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Blaming sales or has sales technology outpaced sales management?

by Mark Mcdonald  |  April 22, 2013

There is much to talk about in last week’s news of the Free Fall in PC sales, IBM’s results and potential sale of its server business.  Coupled with prior misses...

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“Steering your car via the gas tank”, when cost trumps strategy

by Mark Mcdonald  |  March 18, 2013

We have been living with cost control strategies for so long that it is easy to lose sight that there are other strategies beyond doing ‘more with less.’  Recently I...

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The signs of weak management

by Mark Mcdonald  |  July 18, 2012

Here is a prior post that generated significant comments to enjoy during the summer hiatus. I may get in trouble for this but here are some personal observations about management going...

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The Silent Crisis -- when good people play bad roles

by Mark Mcdonald  |  June 4, 2012

Organizations face a silent crisis when good people play the wrong role.  This crisis is different then Jim Collins’ admonition to get ‘the right people on the bus.’  That advice...

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The Silent Crisis - Management

by Mark Mcdonald  |  May 25, 2012

Organizations are in crisis and many are unaware.  Crisis in the sense that organizations are facing developments that will lead them to an unstable and dangerous situation which they all...

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Signs of weak analysis and advice

by Mark Mcdonald  |  March 3, 2012

If information is power, then information is more equal than others. It can be difficult to separate the strong from the weak, particularly in todays modern media world where everyone...

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Is the quality of executive sponsorship falling?

by Mark Mcdonald  |  February 6, 2012

Every business book you read says that you need to have ‘executive sponsorship’ for any major initiative.  Fail to involve the executives and you are likely to fail.  That advice...

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Hiding reality from your CEO -- a sign of weak management

by Mark Mcdonald  |  December 5, 2011

I was at a large conference recently and I noticed a very helpful ad hoc tool a team had developed.  The tool was a list of people and rooms taped...

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Are you leaving your project managers stranded on an island?

by Mark Mcdonald  |  November 16, 2011

Project management performance and capability is a perennial issue among IT leaders.  Project management is critical to the success of IT and the organization.   Given the dismal rate of project...

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