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The shellshock bug: the known unknowns make me worry!

by Joerg Fritsch  |  September 26, 2014

Sometimes you have a gut feeling. And sometimes you should trust this feeling. I personally believe that this shellshock bug is far more serious than Heartbleed. I say that for...

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New research on Leveraging the DevOps Toolchain to Automate andSecure "Stuff"

by Joerg Fritsch  |  September 15, 2014

A while ago I blogged about DevOps and how clients that run their data center on commercial off the shelf software should think about DevOps. As to date nothing truly...

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New reserach on dealing with data center servers

by Joerg Fritsch  |  April 1, 2014

Finally my new research note about data center server security is being published. The research note covers all safeguards that are installed locally on a computing node in order to...

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Where are the information security hoodies?

by Joerg Fritsch  |  February 24, 2014

About half a year ago I sat in a presentation of my colleague Frank Buytendijk who said that one of the facets of this Big Data thing is the conflict between the "hoodies" and...

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About commingling Virtual Machines

by Joerg Fritsch  |  February 3, 2014

An inquiry that pops up every now and then is whether a computing node with a hyper-visor installed should be considered good enough to segregate virtual machines with different security...

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"Now you don't" --deception in the hacktivists' arsenal

by Joerg Fritsch  |  January 18, 2014

Recently I watched the movie "Now You See Me". -- For the ones that don't know this movie, it is about four stage illusionists who pull off tricks at an...

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