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The best, and worst, of Politicians

by Andrew White  |  May 6, 2015

I was watching CNBC this morning and Robby Mook, Hilary Clinton's presidential campaign manager was on set. Joe Kurnan, a pro-growth CNBC co-anchor, was trying to engage Mr Mook regarding...

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The Politics of Analytics - and how Standards might help

by Andrew White  |  March 5, 2015

We all know the maxim - There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.  Well, two recent opinion pieces in the US print edition of the Wall Street...

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Kyle Bass on CNBC yesterday: Where the Dollar and Euro are headed

by Andrew White  |  September 25, 2014

A whirlwind of ideas this morning (yesterday).  CNBC had Kyle Bass on stage this morning.   He makes a lot of, if scary, sense: Though unemployment is reportedly down, the actual...

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Discounted Mortgages for those of us with Poor Credit or Loan Defaults

by Andrew White  |  September 17, 2014

Since I started on about equal outcome versus equal opportunity the other day, I was flabbergasted to note in an article in today's US print edition of the WSJ an...

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Scotland - Vote "no" for your Children - Dump your Politicians

by Andrew White  |  September 16, 2014

It is with great sadness that I wait for a vote on Thursday by the population of Scotland to see if the UK stays together.  It is actually hard to...

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Stresses hiding within the Euro Zone Increase….

by Andrew White  |  August 26, 2014

In the US print edition of the Financial Times this weekend I read an article looking at the ECB president, Mario Draghi, calling for increased European government spending and relaxation...

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Bank 0 v Government 2 (Financial crisis responsibility)

by Andrew White  |  August 8, 2014

Reading in today's US print edition of the Wall Street Journal, I spied an article: Opinion: "No good rescue goes unpunished".  It seems that even now the fair responsibility for who caused...

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Where are all the Real Men (among our political elite)?

by Andrew White  |  August 4, 2014

This last week I was exchanging emails with some work colleagues regarding the situation in the Ukraine.  I concluded that I did not see enough 'nouse' or gumption from the...

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Excellent "love-in" with my Economist - Articles of Note: Tax in America; German Leadership; Too much Information Hurts

by Andrew White  |  August 1, 2014

This last week (US print edition of the Economist, July 26-Aug 1, had several articles that I thought worthy of note.  Here is my snapshot of the hottest. Leader- Corporate...

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More on US Treasury Secretary Exchanging Economic Policy for Political Control

by Andrew White  |  July 17, 2014

I blogged yesterday on the amazing statement by the US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, that firms that sought to reduce their taxes were unpatriotic.  I noted in today's US print...

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