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Windows XP Support and Operational Technology Security for Utilities

by Earl Perkins  |  April 9, 2014

One significant milestone in operating system history occurred yesterday-- the end of official support for Microsoft Windows XP. As with many in the industry, it got me to thinking of...

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The "Industrial" Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet Consortium

by Earl Perkins  |  March 28, 2014

In my previous blog I took some time to explain the differences between what Gartner has referred to as operational technology (OT) systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). The...

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Operational Technology Security - Focus on Securing Industrial Control and Automation Systems

by Earl Perkins  |  March 14, 2014

In a previous blog, I wrote of the terminology that we use when describing security for the Internet of Things, or IoT ("Getting Past the Word Games to Secure the...

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Getting Past the Word Games to Secure the Internet of Things

by Earl Perkins  |  March 5, 2014

One of the things that I enjoy about working at Gartner is the ability to participate with clients and providers in industry, government, commercial, consumer and other sources in more...

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The Internet of Things is Changing the Way We Think of Security in the Enterprise

by Earl Perkins  |  January 30, 2014

When you read about the Internet of Things (IoT) in the press, it can get very confusing, particularly if you want to consider how one might go about securing the...

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Securing The Internet of Things-- Some Not-So-Obvious Concerns

by Earl Perkins  |  January 20, 2014

Some of you no doubt noticed that Google announced their intention to buy a company known as Nest Labs for $3.2B U.S., one of their largest acquisitions ever. This blog...

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Securing Operational Technology and the Internet of Things

by Earl Perkins  |  January 10, 2014

Welcome to my first blog post in my new role within the Gartner security analyst team. I am starting a series of posts on two relatively new areas of Gartner...

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The Digitalization of Business

by Jack Santos  |  December 19, 2012

One of the things we talk about at Gartner is how computerization is changing business – not just back office systems (HR, CRM), but from a fundamental product perspective. I...

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Healthcare Medical Devices: Security or Your Life?

by Jack Santos  |  April 5, 2011

I met Jing Wang from Kaiser Permanente (KP) yesterday.  She works in Information Security at  KP. She is a women on a mission. Some biomedical devices being installed in hospitals...

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Behavioral Economics & Health IT

by Jack Santos  |  May 26, 2010

In the interests of full disclosure, I live in  the state of New Hampshire in the U.S., which some of you may know has a motto of “Live Free or...

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