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Inside the Digital Business: paved roads, good intentions, IoT, and Analytics

by Jack Santos  |  August 26, 2015

As the Digital Business takes off, we often focus on external business opportunities - new revenue, new products, and new markets.  But what about internal organizational efficiency?  An article about using...

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Digital Business, Global Warming, and Too Little, Too Late...

by Jack Santos  |  May 16, 2014

My colleague Jorge Lopez is leading what has become a major focal point for Gartner Research: what to do about becoming a Digital Business - or stated another way, if you don’t...

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A Year of Acquisitions

by Tom Murphy  |  April 22, 2013

The Nexus Forces are driving a lot of changes for IT teams but they are also going to drive a lot of disruption for vendors.  We will see this as...

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Social Engineering and Social Networks

by Jack Santos  |  April 11, 2013

Dan Ariely is fond of pointing out that “door locks only keep the honest out”.  Locks are basically a reminder, like a sign, that it’s socially unacceptable to go further....

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The zero-startup phenom: tablets and virtual desktops

by Jack Santos  |  April 9, 2013

There is another way to talk about the sudden world domination scenario of tablets and iPads, and that is in the context of end-user revolution. Sure – we can argue...

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A role for IT in a mobile world?

by Jack Santos  |  April 8, 2013

This is an interesting analysis of the potential impact of Facebook Home: I think the subplot is whether consumers will value order and harmony over chaos and choice. IT...

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The Digitalization of Business

by Jack Santos  |  December 19, 2012

One of the things we talk about at Gartner is how computerization is changing business – not just back office systems (HR, CRM), but from a fundamental product perspective. I...

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Big Data: Rumsfeldian Thinking and Carl Sagan's Camera

by Jack Santos  |  November 12, 2012

“There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns; that is to say there are things that, we now know we don't know....

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Sandy and the Nexus

by Jack Santos  |  November 1, 2012

Made it home from our US Orlando Symposium conference last week – expecting a quick turnaround to the Symposium conference in Brazil.  My plans were interrupted by Sandy.  Some of...

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