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Updated MDM client key-research list - all the latest MDM stuff here

by Andrew White  |  October 16, 2017

I updated My Master Data Management Client Key Research List today with the latest MDM-related research.  Enjoy!  ...

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Before Implementing ERP Systems, Implement Application Data Management!

by Andrew White  |  October 13, 2017

I saw this headline in today's Techtarget email: Before implementing ERP systems, identify their many components.  I simply had to read it.  It's a good article.  It nicely captures a...

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Top 5 Emerging Next Practices for Getting More from Your Data

by Andrew White  |  August 11, 2017

In preparation for our upcoming Gartner Symposium season I thought it might be interesting and helpful to share my current top 5 emerging best practices for Enterprise Information Management -...

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Governing Data to Improve Business Process and Outcome Integrity

by Andrew White  |  June 29, 2017

Increasingly I speak to clients from the perspective of line of business use of data.  As an old-time "MDM-er" this makes perfect sense.  I talk with leaders in supply chain,...

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Don't You Need to Understand Your Business Information Architecture?

by Andrew White  |  June 8, 2017

  I sat down with an attendee at our Canadian CIO and IT Leaders’ Summit in Toronto today and between us we came up with a new name for what...

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My Master Data Management Client Key Research List

by Andrew White  |  May 19, 2017

I often send links to key notes for core topics, such as Master Data Management, to clients.  In fact many analysts maintain their own set of "key lists".  So I...

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How Much Master Data is there in the World?

by Andrew White  |  May 1, 2017

A vendor sent me an email a few weeks ago and asked, “How much master data does an organization have?”   Well, that’s a pretty big question for a pretty big...

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New Research: Market Guide for Master Data Management (MDM) External Service Providers

by Andrew White  |  March 23, 2017

My colleague Bill O'Kane and others just published the Market Guide for MDM External Service Providers. External service providers of master data management solutions provide substantial value in helping organizations...

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New Research: Storytelling to Increase your Data Literacy and Customer Data Hubs

by Andrew White  |  March 17, 2017

My colleague James Richardson just published Use Three Elements of Data Storytelling for Maximum Impact. Storytelling is an ancient human skill, but using data to tell stories is relatively new. Data...

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New Research: Three Top Trends in Master Data Management Solutions Through 2017

by Andrew White  |  February 22, 2017

Simon Walker and Michael Moran just published Three Top Trends in Master Data Management Solutions Through 2017. Gartner has identified three top trends that will impact MDM programs in 2017. Data...

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