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How IT Drives Business Growth – Your Guess is as good as mine. Perhaps.

by Andrew White  |  October 28, 2018

My fascination with the implied relationship between IT and how it drives value, how we account for how IT drives business value and growth, continues apace.  Readers of this blog...

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Politicians and Press are Not Fighting the Right Battle – Productivity Continues to Decline

by Andrew White  |  June 26, 2014

My thing is productivity.  Productivity is the result of a number of factors and policies, and is what delivers to the recipient the opportunity to experience something now that was...

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Why Gambling with your Information Management Dollars is a Good Thing

by Andrew White  |  January 17, 2014

I was reading Nate Silvers' The Signal and the Noise and I came up to the part where Silver was exploring the Pareto Principle (80/20) and how it applied to...

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Maria Bartiromo, big data and economic growth – what more do you want?

by Andrew White  |  July 30, 2013

A Mysterious Divergence, Financial Times, US Print Edition, July 25th, 2013. The economist in me is screaming for economic growth.  As a passionate monetarist, I am a fan of supply...

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