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Methods for Valuing Data

by Andrew White  |  March 9, 2020

Diane Coyle‘a new paper, The Value of Data, is most interesting. The paper’s findings and recommendations seem somewhat consistent, and are focused on public policy implications for private markets, as...

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The Search for the Elixir of Interoperability Reaches IoT Land

by Andrew White  |  May 16, 2018

I saw with some interest an article today: New European consortium to improve IoT security, interoperability.  I have to say up front that I don't cover Internet of Things, nor do...

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Interoperability is Not A Problem for Technology - It is A Problem for Data and Outcomes

by Andrew White  |  January 5, 2018

Not to invite criticism, and as an honest attempt to improve understanding, I wanted to call out what I would argue is a weakness or gap in understanding.  I saw...

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