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A glimpsed impression of Poland

by Mark Raskino  |  May 31, 2012

This week I visited Warsaw for the first time in five years. I came away very impressed but with perhaps just a little concern for the distant future. This is...

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Verizon Launches Largest LTE Network

by Phillip Redman  |  December 5, 2010

Today, Verizon launched the beginnings of its next-generation network, based on LTE technology.  It will initially cover 110 million POPs in 38 markets, 60 airports.  It is a great initial...

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Is Regulation The Answer For Reducing International Roaming Costs?

by Phillip Redman  |  April 22, 2009

The European Parliament just passed additional regulation to cap the costs of data roaming for Europeans traveling in the EU countries.  The idea is that users are unaware of the additional international pricing...

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