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All My Research Published in 2016

by Anton Chuvakin  |  December 22, 2016

To make it easy for my readers to find my research, here is the list of everything I published in 2016 [most co-authored with Augusto Barros]. Gartner GTP access is...

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Threats Inside vs Insider Threat

by Anton Chuvakin  |  August 9, 2016

Here is a quick one on INSIDER THREAT. Deep down, we all know that nobody cares about the insider threat. Well, not literally “nobody”; few organizations do care about their...

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Our "Understanding Insider Threats" Paper Publishes

by Anton Chuvakin  |  May 9, 2016

Very few of you knew that we’ve been “secretly” working on a report dedicated to the insider threat – for the last year or so. We had a few false...

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Speaking at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2015

by Anton Chuvakin  |  April 7, 2015

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2015 is coming soon [well, for some definition of "soon" :-)]! Here is my traditional blog post summarizing my speaking at this event (Washington,...

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Those Pesky Users: How To Catch Bad Usage of Good Accounts

by Anton Chuvakin  |  February 19, 2015

Gartner says “Malware Is Already Inside Your Organization; Deal With It.” But you know what? I wish it were just stupid malware (well, some is not so stupid): via a...

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Insider Threat: Does It Matter Now? And How Much?

by Anton Chuvakin  |  May 6, 2014

While everybody is reading the DBIR 2014, I wanted to re-read it with a particular lens – that on the insider threat. Specifically, I read it while pondering this question:...

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