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Productivity Limits and the Impact of Innovation - How to Beat Amazon

by Andrew White  |  March 16, 2018

In past published research (see Increase the Return on Your Information Investments With the Information Yield Curve) I posited that every organization must have an imputed limit to its business...

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New Data and Analytics Research: Infonomics and Data Security, and Data Science/ML project Success

by Andrew White  |  December 1, 2017

Nigel Shen and colleagues just published Six Pitfalls to Avoid When Planning Data Science and Machine Learning Projects. Organizational and process pitfalls in data science and machine learning projects could inadvertently...

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Being an Information Company and the Value of Data

by Andrew White  |  September 18, 2017

  In today's US print edition of the Wall Street Journal there was an interesting Opinion piece by Mark Mills, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and research fellow...

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Getting More with Doing Less - The Productivity Puzzle

by Andrew White  |  February 25, 2017

Productivity (the lack thereof being the bane of many advanced economies) can basically be summarized as getting more with less.  More specifically improved productivity comes about when the ratio of...

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When Maintaining a "Second" Set of Financial "Books" is Worthwhile

by Andrew White  |  November 23, 2016

  We all know the implications of a 'second set of books': The implication is that a firm or operating concern publishes one set of 'official' finances, typically publicly or...

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What to do? A little ERP? A little IOT? A little big data? Who Knows....Who Cares?

by Andrew White  |  September 3, 2016

I recently questioned if IT (as a body) really knows how to identify what investments really drive productivity.  I explored this question in a number of blogs, culminating in this: Never...

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Looking at Health IT: when integration isn't enough

by Andrew White  |  June 13, 2016

I really liked the article by the Fred Bazzoli, editor in chief at Health Data Management.  The article, titled "Why EHR implementation is only half the battle", explains succinctly that...

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New Research: How CIOs and CDOs Can Use Infonomics to Identify, Justify and Fund Initiatives

by Andrew White  |  April 4, 2016

My colleagues Doug Laney and Michael Smith just published a note: How CIO's and CDO's Can Use Infonomics to Identify, Justify and Fund Initiatives. Information has replaced technology as the...

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Accounting's 21st Century Problem - The Value of Data

by Andrew White  |  March 22, 2016

The front page of the Business & Tech section of the US print edition of the Wall Street Journal aired a piece titled, Accounting's 21st Century Problem.  The problem, of...

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When Telling All is Not Enough - and Information as an Asset

by Andrew White  |  February 17, 2016

  I read with interest an article in today's US print edition of the Financial Times.  The title of the article was, "You Should not Always Believe a Balance Sheet"....

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