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Lack of Data Can Stymie Important Decisions - For Anyone

by Andrew White  |  September 22, 2017

I could not resist this one.  I spotted a press release from the IMF about "data gaps" so I didn't think long - I clicked on the link (SB and IMF...

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China Report: Roving Analyst Experience In China

by Andrew White  |  September 15, 2016

I spent 3 days in Singapore week before last and then all last week in China.  Here is a little "report" I compiled as I traveled around the place.  Firstly...

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New Research: Master Four Decision Models to Perfect Your Data and Analytics Strategy

by Andrew White  |  April 1, 2016

My colleague Thomas Oestreich and others just published this note: Master Four Decision Models to Perfect Your Data and Analytics Strategy. One of the key questions facing data and analytics leaders...

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It Came to Me While Traveling: The Importance and Falsehood of Search

by Andrew White  |  April 1, 2016

I was sitting with with a client and I was helping them develop their information strategy.  Note that I did not say information management strategy but information strategy. An information...

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New Research: Designing Your Pace-Layered Information Strategy

by Andrew White  |  March 21, 2016

Mark Beyer and I just published a new note titled, Designing Your Pace-Layered Information Strategy.  This is a mini-spotlight that links to several other notes to provide a "how to" guide...

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When Telling All is Not Enough - and Information as an Asset

by Andrew White  |  February 17, 2016

  I read with interest an article in today's US print edition of the Financial Times.  The title of the article was, "You Should not Always Believe a Balance Sheet"....

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Join us at the first program designed specifically for Chief Data Officers

by Andrew White  |  January 25, 2016

Where: Gartner Enterprise Information & Master Data Management Summit 2016, Grapevine, Texas (Dallas area) When: March 16 – 18, 2016 Created exclusively* for the most senior data and analytics leaders, this program features brand-new...

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New Research: Information and Analytics Agenda and CDO Priorities for 2016

by Andrew White  |  January 15, 2016

I spotted three notes published today: Information and Analytics Programs Primer for 2016 by my good self. The economics of information is changing dramatically, spanning technology that includes storage and compute,...

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What Constitutes an (Information) Strategy?

by Andrew White  |  December 15, 2015

I was reading the Lex column in last Tuesday's US print edition of the Financial Times.  The column titled, Swiss Re: outside the box, was interesting. There was a comment regarding...

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Putting the “why” back into Information Strategy

by Andrew White  |  April 29, 2015

I was reviewing a client’s information strategy the other day.  The goods news is that it was only about 5 pages long.  Too many organizations don’t understand what strategy means. ...

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