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When is a Catalog No Longer a Catalog?

by Andrew White  |  February 7, 2018

When is a Catalog no longer a Catalog, and why does it matter? I was on a vendor briefing in conjunction with data gathering for an upcoming publication: Market Guide...

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New Data and Analytics Research: Note Set for Gartner's Three Rings of Information Governance

by Andrew White  |  October 19, 2017

Mark Beyer and I just updated Design an Effective Information Governance Strategy. As demands on data and analytics programs grow, organizations continue to associate many business processes and decisions with high...

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Analytics Governance = Information Governance plus Analytics

by Andrew White  |  October 11, 2017

I jumped on this blog thinking I was going to disagree.  It is called "Steps for adapting data governance to modern analytics" and it is by Doug Bordonaro,  chief data evangelist...

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New Data and Analytics Research: GDPR and Increased Business Value

by Andrew White  |  August 29, 2017

My colleagues Lydia Clougherty Jones and Roxane Edjlali just published Data and Analytics Leaders Can Leverage GDPR for Increased Business Value. Business stakeholders' important but narrow focus on GDPR security...

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Lenders in Panic over EU (GDPR) Law

by Andrew White  |  July 31, 2017

That was the title of an article in the US print edition of the Financial Times on May 31: Lenders in Panic over EU Law.  The article refers to European...

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Governing Data to Improve Business Process and Outcome Integrity

by Andrew White  |  June 29, 2017

Increasingly I speak to clients from the perspective of line of business use of data.  As an old-time "MDM-er" this makes perfect sense.  I talk with leaders in supply chain,...

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The Case for Stewardship versus Governance

by Andrew White  |  June 20, 2017

This blog is written and focused on "information governance" - and not focused on "IT governance" (governance of technology), or "corporate governance".  Our most recent effort at reconnecting what we...

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The Subtleties of Data Sovereignty

by Andrew White  |  February 7, 2017

The ongoing complexities and issues related to data privacy and security that spans jurisdictions around the globe were explored in a Comment piece in today's US print edition of the...

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New Research: Implementing the Data Hub: Architecture and Technology Choices

by Andrew White  |  February 7, 2017

Ted Firedman and I just published Implementing the Data Hub: Architecture and Technology Choices. Hub architectures for sharing data can be implemented in many ways, with various types of integration technology....

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New Research: Adapt Your Information Governance for the Rise of Blockchains

by Andrew White  |  January 30, 2017

My colleagues Saul Judah and Nick Heudecker just published Adapt Your Information Governance for the Rise of Blockchains. The distributed trust model of blockchain technology introduces new business opportunities and promises...

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