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2019 Will be the Year of Data

by Andrew White  |  January 2, 2019

AI hype is at frenetic levels; will 2019 be the year such hype peaks and starts to fall? ‘Data and Analytics’ remains misunderstood as too many lay folks think it...

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Misunderstanding Information and Economy

by Andrew White  |  September 28, 2017

The red rags are a-plenty for me currently.  There I was, drinking my morning coffee before breakfast.  The dog already walked and fed.  The family just dimly hearing their alarm. ...

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New Data and Analytics Research: Information Asset Management

by Andrew White  |  August 14, 2017

My colleague Doug Laney just published the Generally Accepted Information Principles for Improved Information Asset Management. Data and analytics leaders should draw on established asset management practices in establishing a set...

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IBM and the Battle for the Digital Future Continues - Quietly

by Andrew White  |  April 25, 2017

IBM reports another quarter and its revenues decline again.  So far, so bad?  I wonder.  Here's the thing: the future success of businesses will not be predicated on process (what...

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Why Chief Data Officers (and you) should hoard data...maybe?

by Andrew White  |  August 15, 2016

I am working on a presentation that will be shared at our IT Symposium 2016 with a colleague of mine, Kristian Steenstrup.  The title of the presentation is "CIO: Acting...

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When Telling All is Not Enough - and Information as an Asset

by Andrew White  |  February 17, 2016

  I read with interest an article in today's US print edition of the Financial Times.  The title of the article was, "You Should not Always Believe a Balance Sheet"....

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Starbucks and Spotify Partnership - The Information Economy just got into Second Gear

by Andrew White  |  May 18, 2015

Starbucks has thousands, if not millions, of customers of its smart phone application.  Whenever I travel I use the Starbucks app several times each trip.  And I travel on average just...

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U.S. Productivity grew by more than 16% in the last quarter, up from 11% in previous (newspaper headlines, April 28, 2024)

by Andrew White  |  May 15, 2015

The newspaper article continues....”cost of living index down....standard of living up....Reduction in poverty....but income inequality appears to widen after 20 years of narrowing”. If ever you wanted a long bet,...

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“A Day in the Life of an Analyst” at Gartner’s IT/Expo Symposium – Day 2

by Andrew White  |  October 8, 2014

What a day.  Fast paced, exciting, non stop. 5.30am woke and called home to get everyone up.  Checked email. 7.10am breakfasted with Bill Swanton who, I didn't know until today,...

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Hot Topics from the Field – 3 Days on the Road and this is what is moving and shaking in Information Management

by Andrew White  |  September 12, 2014

I just spent the good fortune of spending a couple days in Western Canada.  I met with numerous end-users spanning several industries included public sector (several different departments), mining, retail,...

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