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Interoperability is Not A Problem for Technology - It is A Problem for Data and Outcomes

by Andrew White  |  January 5, 2018

Not to invite criticism, and as an honest attempt to improve understanding, I wanted to call out what I would argue is a weakness or gap in understanding.  I saw...

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HealthIT Continues March toward Interoperability - Perhaps

by Andrew White  |  November 20, 2017

I saw an interesting article that looked at the issues in healthcare IT as it wrestles with interoperability.  The article, HIT Think Why quality measurement raises the stakes for true interoperability, ...

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Healthcare Industry in the US Struggles to Share Data

by Andrew White  |  October 20, 2017

Despite the mandates, despite the efforts and good well and intentions, it seems sharing data remains a difficult task in healthcare.  My techtarget email today included this headline: Data sharing among...

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What is Wrong with Interoperability (in healthcare)?

by Andrew White  |  September 30, 2016

I have to put the tired old record here we go.... Interoperability (we need to argue what we mean by this term) cannot work effectively if organizations only focus...

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Getting down to Business with Practical Metrics in Healthcare IT

by Andrew White  |  August 29, 2016

I noted a healthcare article last week that caught my eye: HIT Thing Why matching patient IDs is a critical challenge.  In a nutshell: ' "[T]he Office of the National...

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Health IT: Information Governance Needs Focus on (Business, or Patient) Value

by Andrew White  |  June 16, 2016

For a second time in a week I was drawn to a Health Data Management article that warranted a blog.  On June 13th I blogged Healthcare IT: When Integration is...

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Looking at Health IT: when integration isn't enough

by Andrew White  |  June 13, 2016

I really liked the article by the Fred Bazzoli, editor in chief at Health Data Management.  The article, titled "Why EHR implementation is only half the battle", explains succinctly that...

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Healthcare Industry Awash with Integration but little Meaningful Data

by Andrew White  |  June 3, 2016

I had a wry smile on my face when I read this article today: Data Integration Continues to Bedevil Healthcare Industry.  I felt I knew where the article was coming...

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Standards, a Standard! My Business for a (healthcare) Standard!

by Andrew White  |  October 19, 2015

You recognize the title of this blog as you have heard it (likely) many times in the past, in reference to a horse.  Of course, the next line in the...

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Health IT - Senator's blast ONC's Interoperability Roadmap correctly, but for the wrong reasons...

by Andrew White  |  March 9, 2015

I blogged last month (Health IT Roadmap for Industry Interoperability - where is the data quality?) that the Office of the National Coordinator of Heath IT (ONC) and its recently...

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