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How to Tame, or to Blame, a Market? Get Data!

by Andrew White  |  January 25, 2018

The Economist’s Leader this week is both fascination and excellent.  It is called, The New Titans, and How to Tame Them.  As you may surmise, the article concerns Amazon, Facebook...

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Are You Ready for MIFID II and GDPR?

by Andrew White  |  January 3, 2018

If you had missed the news concerning GDPR and the need to comply with new rules related to personally identifiable EU citizen data, have you heard the one about Mifid...

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Lenders in Panic over EU (GDPR) Law

by Andrew White  |  July 31, 2017

That was the title of an article in the US print edition of the Financial Times on May 31: Lenders in Panic over EU Law.  The article refers to European...

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