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More on the unintended consequences of government regulation

by Andrew White  |  June 1, 2015

After my book review of By The People, by Charles Murray, you just have to read the article in this week's US print edition of the Economist titled, Rating Agencies:...

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Putting out a (financial crisis) fire with a bottle of water?

by Andrew White  |  May 21, 2015

I am torn between two positions, and it's not often I am or even admit it.   In this week's Economist there is an article, "The Federal Reserve: Railing against...

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The Trouble with Bank Living Wills

by Andrew White  |  August 19, 2014

More of the story of the failed submitted bank 'living wills' leaked out yesterday, on the front page of the US print edition of the Financial Times (see Fed blow...

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Bank 0 v Government 2 (Financial crisis responsibility)

by Andrew White  |  August 8, 2014

Reading in today's US print edition of the Wall Street Journal, I spied an article: Opinion: "No good rescue goes unpunished".  It seems that even now the fair responsibility for who caused...

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"Somewhere, Under the Radar, Life Goes On..."

by Jeffrey Mann  |  December 8, 2008

While walking my dog this morning, I was thinking about what the effects of the economic downturn would be on the startup companies I deal with in the collaboration and...

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How long before IT gets blamed for the financial crisis?

by Jeffrey Mann  |  October 6, 2008

Since this is a Gartner blog, I won't comment here on the ridiculous finger-pointing going on in the wake of the banking bailout rescue efforts (but I might here eventually)....

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