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Cut and Paste Enterprise Architecture

by James Mcgovern  |  April 17, 2017

Throughout my professional career, I have been afforded the opportunity to learn a lot about the inner-workings of both P&C and Life insurers. The insurance industry has a consortium (ACORD) that...

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Enterprise Architecture: Why aren’t more organizations moving from good to great?

by James Mcgovern  |  April 7, 2017

Gartner publishes thought provoking research on the discipline of enterprise architecture. We aid our clients in developing their vision to stage planning a Business-Outcome-Driven Enterprise Architecture. We even provide a...

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Enterprise Architecture and Lean Thinking: Part One

by James Mcgovern  |  April 5, 2017

Prior to joining Gartner, I was an Enterprise Architect practitioner for a Fortune 100 enterprise that embraced Lean Thinking. The principles of driving both business-outcome driven EA and holistic technology...

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Can Document Review Inquiry help improve Enterprise Architecture Outcomes?

by James Mcgovern  |  April 3, 2017

Do you know what a Document Review Inquiry is? Sadly, I didn’t know what one was until I joined Gartner. After interacting with Gartner analysts over dozens of years while...

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Following trends is good. Acting on the right ones is far better.

by Don Scheibenreif  |  September 16, 2016

How do you stay on top of macro trends? What is relevant and what isn't? Which ones do you track, act on,  or ignore? This is the challenge facing many...

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Architexit: Purposely Failing in Order to Succeed

by Philip Allega  |  July 27, 2016

"You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette" was a saying I recall as a child. In my room I had a picture of Abraham Lincoln hanging...

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Architexit: Brexit Planning During the "Phoney War"

by Philip Allega  |  July 26, 2016

Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott is a leading European constitutional law expert. She recently gave a speech at Chatham House outlining the legal requirements needed to realize Brexit. She noted that, in...

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Architexit: Brexit for Enterprise Architects

by Philip Allega  |  July 20, 2016

My most recent research on ("Architexit: What Enterprise Architects Must Do in the Face of Brexit") highlights how enterprise architects can help business and IT leaders plan, manage, and...

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In 2014, Enterprise Architects Must Play Both Foundational and Vanguard Roles

by Brian Burke  |  January 17, 2014

Gartner’s survey of more than 2,300 CIOs highlights the need to respond to the dual goals of effectiveness and digitalization. CIOs understand the need to build digital leadership, but 42...

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Collapsonomics of IT

by Nick Gall  |  September 12, 2011

[This is a response to an excellent post by JP Rangaswami entitled Wond'ring Aloud. I'm posting it here because the comment system on JP's blog so mangled my HTML reply...

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