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The Partisan Brain

by Andrew White  |  December 10, 2018

Your blogger was tucking into three pancakes, piled with lashings of butter, syrup, and a banana, when he stumbled upon page 33 of this week’s US printed edition of the...

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The Good and Bad News about Investment (in Technology) in America

by Andrew White  |  May 29, 2018

  This week’s leader in the Economist is titled, “A Boom Like No Other”.  It is a critical review of the promise and progress of Donald Trump’s administration and its...

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Economic Growth - The Promise of Information and Technology

by Andrew White  |  April 23, 2018

  In last week’s Economist there was an article that quite simply drew me in.  The Free Exchange article was titled, “Root and Branch-Economists understand little about the causes of...

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The Economist this week: On Start-ups, disruption, and the cost of a new ideas

by Andrew White  |  October 9, 2017

  There were some interesting articles in this week's Economist (Sept 30-Oct 6) that warranted special attention. Entrepreneurship in America: Gazelles in the heartland. The article first sets the stage...

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The Good, The Bad, and the Get on with It (Interesting Economist Articles This Week)

by Andrew White  |  July 21, 2017

I read this week's Economist in two parts: the first half in my way from Atlanta to Seattle and the second half on my way from Seattle to Vancouver.  I...

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The Economist Front Page this week: The World's Most Valuable Resource - Data

by Andrew White  |  May 8, 2017

I had a great weekend - I hope you did do. Mine got off to a great start when I spied the title of this week's Economist: The World's Most Valuable...

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving: More on Innovation

by Andrew White  |  September 14, 2016

  So is the smartphone an innovation that has run its course?  Is that it?  Have we maxed out the productivity improvements from our new-fangled friend that seems tethered to...

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