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Farewell... for now

by Jonah Kowall  |  February 2, 2015

I wanted to wish everyone happy trails. I've decided to move on to a new set of challenges, and in order to do that I must step down from my...

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Gartner Data Center Conference and a research update

by Jonah Kowall  |  December 12, 2014

I hope e veryone in the US had a good turkey day, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been on the road since before thanksgiving, last week we had...

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Read Our Latest Research to Learn Why Monitoring Must Evolve to Meet Tomorrow's Demand

by Jonah Kowall  |  July 29, 2014

I've been working on a pretty conceptual research project over the last few months. The research is finally out as of yesterday (7/28/14). The basic premise is that as the...

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Monitoring software sucks so I use Nagios, what's a better approach?

by Jonah Kowall  |  February 6, 2014

Speaking to our clients, and other people at conferences and industry events I attend, Nagios is always top of mind. This is a battle covered many times, many people want...

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Updated Research: Rating the larger IT Operations Management Vendors

by Jonah Kowall  |  January 20, 2014

Yearly Ronni Colville has been publishing a great note on the ratings and state of the broader ITOM market. As of late 2012 we introduced a sub-slice of her research...

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Making sense of the Availability and Performance Monitoring offerings and vendors

by Jonah Kowall  |  August 1, 2013

Commonly in a market where there is a commodity (such as availability monitoring) and a hot emerging set of technologies (typically in performance monitoring) the vendors who sell commodity solutions...

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Nagios : Let the religious wars continue

by Jonah Kowall  |  July 10, 2013

I posted a write-up of "getting rid of" Nagios previously, and it's generated a staggering number of responses by those who are attached to Nagios and have used it effectively....

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CA World 2013

by Jonah Kowall  |  April 25, 2013

I had the pleasure of attending CA World this week with a few of my colleagues. Colin Fletcher joined me, covering similar areas. Laurie Wurster also attended, she's our go...

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Happy New year, plans for 2013 - Conferences, APM, ECA, and Virtualization

by Jonah Kowall  |  January 13, 2013

Happy new year to you all, I hope you had an enjoyable holiday, as we kick off 2013 my research agenda is coming together along with lots of travel and...

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Dealing with event management (ECA) overload

by Jonah Kowall  |  February 16, 2012

One of my main goals for research in 2012 is to help round out some of the areas in monitoring which don't get enough published research or attention here at...

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