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Rethinking B2B Content Marketing in Response to COVID-19

by Rick LaFond  |  March 24, 2020

B2B marketing leaders seem to be at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to addressing COVID-19, and the uncertainty it is creating for customers, through content marketing. Marketers...

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5 Tips for Successful ABM Planning

by Rick LaFond  |  February 27, 2020

Whether you are preparing to launch your first account-based marketing (ABM) pilot, or you have fully adopted ABM as an integrated component of your go-to-market strategy, you need to build...

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The What, Where, and How of Customer Personas

by Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone  |  November 11, 2019

Marketing is all about good storytelling - and most marketers know this! The tricky part is understanding what the story is about, and who you're telling it to. Mediocre marketing...

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How to Earn Sales Buy In for ABM

by Rick LaFond  |  October 17, 2019

The use of the word “marketing” in the term “account-based marketing” can be a bit misleading.  It suggests that ABM sits squarely within the scope of the marketing function.  However,...

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To Gate, or Not to Gate?

by Rick LaFond  |  July 23, 2019

That is the question. As Marketers become more mindful of user experience and the need to offer buyer enablement— support that makes it easier for customers to advance through a...

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Scaling Account Growth Strategies to the Small Business Market

by Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone  |  June 25, 2019

With more and more B2B marketers and CMOs saying their organization is shifting focus to account growth, it's  no wonder Gartner analysts - myself included - are getting more questions...

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Qualify Leads Using Buying Journey Signals

by Rick LaFond  |  June 20, 2019

In an attempt to more evenly balance lead quality with lead quantity, a growing number of organizations are working to advance the maturity of their lead scoring and qualification capabilities....

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Leveraging Segmentation for Business Results

by Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone  |  May 16, 2019

So, your organization has embarked, or is planning to embark, on concerted customer segmentation efforts. Or maybe you've already gone through segmentation work to identify key customer segments to target. Great! Practical,...

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Should your view of the customer be singular or plural?

by Benjamin Bloom  |  March 25, 2019

Here’s a game you can play with your family on the next game night.  Ask them what a CDP is! You can tell them it’s something everyone at work is...

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CRM and Customer Experience Market Share data updates and how to use them from Gartner

by Julian Poulter  |  March 12, 2019

Gartner has recently published a short note explaining the changes in its market share taxonomy. Once a year around the 31st March Garter publishes a series of reports that show...

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