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New Data and Analytics Research: Chief Data Officer 2018 Vision and Data Mgt Best Practices for AI

by Andrew White  |  August 21, 2017

Debra Logan and colleagues has just published Leadership Vision for 2018: Data and Analytics Leader. Data and analytics leaders will find themselves at the heart of digital business transformation. Data and...

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New Research: Information Infrastructure Modernization Primer for 2017

by Andrew White  |  February 1, 2017

My colleagues Roxane Edjlali and Nick Heudecker just published Information Infrastructure Modernization Primer for 2017. Modernizing information infrastructure will enable data and analytics leaders to balance their most important objective —...

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New Research: Modernize Your Information Infrastructure to Support Bimodal IT

by Andrew White  |  December 6, 2016

My colleagues Ted Friedman and Roxane Edjlali just published Modernize Your Information Infrastructure to Support Bimodal IT. Bimodal IT needs a modern approach to data management technology. Data and analytics leaders...

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New Research: Predicts 2017: Analytics Strategy and Technology

by Andrew White  |  December 5, 2016

My colleague Kurt Schlegel and friends just published Predicts 2017: Analytics Strategy and Technology. Data and analytics leaders will increasingly benefit from the automation of data science tasks to make both...

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Operational DBMS Evaluations Available on Gartner Peer Insights

by Donald Feinberg  |  February 12, 2016

"Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of IT professionals just like you. Free of vendor influence, Gartner Peer Insights offers detailed perspectives for every phase of the IT lifecycle...

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DBMS Legacies are Very Sticky

by Donald Feinberg  |  December 18, 2014

Donald Feinberg (@Brazingo) & Merv Adrian (@merv) Every so often, there’s a wave of interest in the “imminent retirement” of one or more legacy database management systems (DBMS). Usually, it’s...

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