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The Search for the Elixir of Interoperability Reaches IoT Land

by Andrew White  |  May 16, 2018

I saw with some interest an article today: New European consortium to improve IoT security, interoperability.  I have to say up front that I don't cover Internet of Things, nor do...

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Open – For Business – At the ASF

by Merv Adrian  |  March 27, 2018

The Apache Software Foundation is about to celebrate an anniversary, and its extraordinary contribution to the economic refactoring of software stacks seems to be gaining more momentum with every passing...

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Three "Must Read" Research Notes for Data Management Strategies

by Andrew White  |  November 29, 2017

In a short period of time my data management colleagues published three really interesting and notable pieces of research.  The timing, scope and relevance cannot be overstated here.  These notes...

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New Data and Analytics Research: Data Mgt, Data Science, Analytics, and Self-Service Data Integration

by Andrew White  |  November 16, 2017

Adam Ronthal  and colleagues just published: Toolkit: RFP Template for Data Management Solutions for Analytics. This request for proposal template gives data and analytics leaders a starting point to define requirements and...

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New Data and Analytics Research: Modernizing Your Data Integration Architecture for Digital Business

by Andrew White  |  September 19, 2017

Ehtisham Zaidi and colleagues just published Modernize Your Data Integration Architecture for Digital Business by Combining Data Delivery Styles. Providing data optimally remains a major challenge for data and analytics leaders....

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New Data and Analytics Research: Being Successful with AI and Data Integration RFP Template

by Andrew White  |  September 8, 2017

My colleagues Mike Rollings and Thomas Oestreich just published The Fundamentals of AI Success for Data and Analytics Leaders. The wondrous stories of artificial intelligence may lure data and analytics leaders...

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Spotlight on Oracle: Data Integration Magic Quadrant

by Andrew White  |  August 4, 2017

Spotlight on Oracle – Highlights new research that covers or relates to Oracle. Mark Beyer and colleagues just published the Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. The data integration tool market has established...

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What Role Integration in Digital Transformation?

by Andrew White  |  May 4, 2017

I was on a briefing with a vendor that is a well-known integration vendor.  They offer a platform that is cloud-based which supports application integration (operational data), data integration (analytical...

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Hadoop FAQs - April Webinar Q&A

by Merv Adrian  |  April 16, 2017

Nick Heudecker and I received numerous questions during our April Hadoop webinar with several hundred attendees, and we have summarized and answered them below. How can Hadoop-Spark interface with conventional RDBMS such as Oracle/UDB/Teradata...

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New Research: Implementing the Data Hub: Architecture and Technology Choices

by Andrew White  |  February 7, 2017

Ted Firedman and I just published Implementing the Data Hub: Architecture and Technology Choices. Hub architectures for sharing data can be implemented in many ways, with various types of integration technology....

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