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A Data Hub is not the same as a Data Lake or Data Warehouse

by Andrew White  |  November 7, 2018

Despite our best efforts we still receive lots of inquiries from organizations that confuse and conflate data hubs with data lakes and data warehouses.  In truth, the term "data hub"...

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What is a Data Hub? Shucks – Piccadilly Circus!

by Andrew White  |  August 16, 2018

It seems that introducing a data hub strategy a couple of years ago was both good and bad.  For some clients we put a name to something that makes total...

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Governing Data to Improve Business Process and Outcome Integrity

by Andrew White  |  June 29, 2017

Increasingly I speak to clients from the perspective of line of business use of data.  As an old-time "MDM-er" this makes perfect sense.  I talk with leaders in supply chain,...

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New Research: Storytelling to Increase your Data Literacy and Customer Data Hubs

by Andrew White  |  March 17, 2017

My colleague James Richardson just published Use Three Elements of Data Storytelling for Maximum Impact. Storytelling is an ancient human skill, but using data to tell stories is relatively new. Data...

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New Research: Implementing the Data Hub: Architecture and Technology Choices

by Andrew White  |  February 7, 2017

Ted Firedman and I just published Implementing the Data Hub: Architecture and Technology Choices. Hub architectures for sharing data can be implemented in many ways, with various types of integration technology....

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New Research: Use a Data Hub Strategy to Meet Your Data and Analytics Governance and Sharing Requirements

by Andrew White  |  February 3, 2017

Ted Friedman and I just published Use a Data Hub Strategy to Meet Your Data and Analytics Governance and Sharing Requirements. A data hub strategy completes a governance and sharing architecture and drives integration....

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