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Salesforce acquisition of Tableau - What does it mean?

by Andrew White  |  June 11, 2019

Salesforce acquires Tableau - June 2019 (business app vendor acquires analytics/BI) Google acquires Looker- June 2019 (infrastructure/search/data broker vendor acquires analytics/BI) Salesforce closes acquisition of Mulesoft - May 2018 (business app vendor...

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What is going on in the world of data and analytics?

by Andrew White  |  March 22, 2019

I have blogged before (see this from 2014: A Day in the Life of an Analyst” at Gartner’s IT/Expo Symposium – Day 3) about the hot topics I discussed with...

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A Little Data Governance Goes a Long Way

by Andrew White  |  July 16, 2018

In today’s US print edition of the Financial Times I saw an article titled, Bank’s approach to risk data is deeply inadequate. The article reviews the current situation regarding bank...

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Where You Spend Your Firms’ Capital Matters

by Andrew White  |  May 16, 2018

On the front page of today’s US print edition of the Wall Street Journal there is an article (Firms’ Spending on Upgrades Soars) that reports on the notable increase on...

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Data and Analytics at the Heart of Digital Business - Free Webinar Replay

by Andrew White  |  March 21, 2018

I recently presented a webinar that explores and explains several key pieces of research we are actively working on.  The webinar is called How to Put Data and Analytics at the...

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My Analyst Highlights from Gartner's Data and Analytics Summit 2018 USA

by Andrew White  |  March 14, 2018

Several common threads emerged through numerous 1-1’s though few really started out with such a clear scope: Many 1-1’s started out with a dialog related to MDM or business application...

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Effective Data and Analytics Governance - Finally!

by Andrew White  |  March 7, 2018

I stood on stage at our Data and Analytics Summit in Dallas today to talk about data hubs, and said I was very excited to attend and speak with everyone....

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The Maddening thing about Metrics

by Andrew White  |  February 5, 2018

  The Schumpeter article in this last week’s Economist was titled, The Fog of War: If they are to save the firm, General Electric’s bosses and board need far better information. ...

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Build Your Digital Business Platform Around Data and Analytics

by Andrew White  |  February 1, 2018

Late last year a number of our data and analytics team worked together to build a presentation to share our collected research looking at how to relate data and analytics...

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