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Crowdfunding Site Activity - From Olympians to Zombies

by Anthony J. Bradley  |  November 24, 2014

Because the crowd is the essence of Crowdfunding, in examining Crowdfunding sites I always look for indications of crowd activity. I was frequently unpleasantly surprised to find little evidence of...

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Debt Crowdfunding Holds Much Promise

by Anthony J. Bradley  |  October 22, 2014

Conversely to my recent post that equity crowdfunding doesn't exist, debt crowdfunding I believe is almost a foregone conclusion. This is also ironic since only about 4% of the 50...

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Equity Crowdfunding Does Not Exist

by Anthony J. Bradley  |  October 2, 2014

Currently, there really is no such thing as equity crowdfunding. This is ironic since about 18 or 36% of the 50 sites I looked at consider themselves equity crowdfunding. I...

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Dissecting Crowdfunding

by Anthony J. Bradley  |  September 24, 2014

I have finished a detailed examination of 50 sites (list provided below). I also have read and examined the JOBS Act of 2012 myself to see the many, and valuable,...

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Crowd Missing from Vast Majority of Crowdfunding

by Anthony J. Bradley  |  August 20, 2014

What do you envision of when you think of a Crowd? I think of a place with the bustling energy of people moving to and fro in a flurry of...

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The State of Crowdfunding is Very Immature and Highly Fragmented

by Anthony J. Bradley  |  August 12, 2014

As promised though a bit late, I have now analyzed almost 50 leading crowdfunding sites. My overall view is that crowdfunding is in a very early and fragmented state. I...

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The State of Crowdfunding

by Anthony J. Bradley  |  April 4, 2014

Hello everyone. This is an alert to some research I have underway. I am looking at several of the leading crowdfunding platforms to assess the "state of crowdfunding" today. I...

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