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An IoT Business Case Starts with a Cost Model -- Part 1

by Drue Reeves  |  March 13, 2016

What's the ROI? Is the reward worth the effort? Is the juice worth the squeeze? Pick your favorite idiom, but they all say the same thing -- is what you're...

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Can't We All Just Share (Minutes and Megabytes)?

by Phillip Redman  |  July 18, 2012

Last month, Verizon Wireless launched the latest volley in cellular pricing, "Share Everything"--by offering shared data plans across a maximum of ten devices.  The idea was to reduce data costs...

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President Loves BlackBerry, Looks To Repeal Cellular Tax

by Phillip Redman  |  June 18, 2009

In a move that all companies should be happy about, President Obama, via a statement posted on its Website by IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman, has asked Congress to repeal a...

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Cutting Cellular Reimbursements: Will This Really Save Money For Enterprises?

by Phillip Redman  |  April 17, 2009

One of the more heated internal debates in while has been whether companies should stop reimbursing employees for cellular phone costs.  A number of large companies are thinking of this...

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Modernizing core HR

by Thomas Otter  |  March 30, 2009

While at the Benz museum, (see earlier posts) I snapped these pictures of the time entry system that the factory used.   As organizations grapple with a very different economy...

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All screens bright and beautiful

by Thomas Otter  |  January 21, 2009

There has been some discussion here in Gartner about monitors and productivity for developers and knowledge workers. Many of us work from home, and several have multi-monitor set ups. This...

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measuring twice, cutting once.

by Thomas Otter  |  December 6, 2008

  (photo from English Cut, one day, I hope to have a suit made there) There is a lot of excellent cost optimization research going on here at Gartner, and...

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