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Advertising and Cultural Moments

by Eric Schmitt  |  July 3, 2019

Cultural moments have been called “the intersection of trends and brands”, and “connecting what you do, as a brand, to your specific audience’s culture, not what is trending in culture”. Through...

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Scaling Account Growth Strategies to the Small Business Market

by Kristina Laroccacerrone  |  June 25, 2019

With more and more B2B marketers and CMOs saying their organization is shifting focus to account growth, it's  no wonder Gartner analysts - myself included - are getting more questions...

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Are Brands Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places? We Want To Know What You Think

by Clare Dietz  |  May 8, 2019

Consumers may not want a relationship with your brand… I know, I know. This doesn’t sound like good news. When I share this insight with marketers I work with every...

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Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms: What You Need to Know Now

by Nicole Greene  |  April 3, 2019

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms (CMPs) reflects marketing’s urgent need for tools that help develop, produce and deliver branded content. As audiences demand relevant and personalized content from...

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Create Video that Resonates with Consumers (and Might Actually Go Viral)

by Nicole Greene  |  March 26, 2019

Eighty-five percent of Americans watch digital video content, and they’re watching it across devices and platforms, according to a recent Google Consumer survey. Marketers understand the storytelling power of visual...

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Fuel Your Personalization Engine with Helpful Content

by Rick Lafond  |  March 7, 2019

One of the top concerns among marketers when adopting personalization is that the consumer might consider the brand’s communication ‘creepy’.  This is a well-founded cause for apprehension, given Gartner research...

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Tidy Up Your Content House

by Nicole Greene  |  March 5, 2019

What brings you joy? Content audits should. Content audits are fundamental to any successful content marketing team. Only 40% of marketers are pleased with the quality of their content. Yet...

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Why Marketers Put Digital Asset Management at the Center of Their Content Supply Chain

by Nicole Greene  |  January 21, 2019

Studies show that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day. Marketers face an enormous task developing and delivering this creative content at global scale...

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Content Marketing Success Requires Forward Thinking

by Marc Brown  |  September 22, 2018

Content marketing leaders are seeking better ways to maximize their content marketings impact. And, no matter how creative, memorable, or popular your content may become, every piece you create and publish will ultimately...

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