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The Secret Lives of Productivity Applications

by Craig Roth  |  June 25, 2019

We think we know our productivity tools so well - email, powerpoint, excel. They're so familiar to us. You email a few paragraphs to groups, create a slide presentation in...

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Letter from Microsoft Ignite 2018 (Part II)

by Craig Roth  |  October 1, 2018

As I mentioned in my first posting about Microsoft Ignite 2018, in my view the conference this year wasn’t about major releases as much as it was about showing progress...

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Letter from Microsoft Ignite 2018

by Craig Roth  |  September 28, 2018

Microsoft Ignite just ended in Orlando. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said “computing is not just about the technology industry, it’s about the entire world” and it felt like the entire...

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Letter from Google Next '18

by Craig Roth  |  July 27, 2018

Google Next - Google's cloud conference - took place in San Francisco this week. Production values were high, with lots of slick videos and a clever stage where speakers appeared...

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The Unique Fundamentals of: Collaboration, Content, and Digital Workplace

by Craig Roth  |  January 3, 2018

What are the unique fundamentals of the collaboration, content, and digital workplace space that make it unique?  I don't mean what the current trends are - we write a lot about...

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"There is Also the Fact That Paper is Awesome"

by Craig Roth  |  September 19, 2016

OK, this time we're finally going to be doing away with paper in the office. The end of paper has been trumpeted for decades, but this time - if you...

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Write, Don't Paint

by Craig Roth  |  July 24, 2013

The title of this blog post comes from my 5th grade teacher. At the time, White Out was in common use. It's like white paint that dries quickly so you...

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Waiting for Productivity from “Productivity Tools”

by Craig Roth  |  January 31, 2013

While our fonts and templates may look nicer than they did ten or twenty years ago, do we really feel more productive in business terms?  Microsoft certainly hopes so, as...

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Big Content

by Craig Roth  |  October 17, 2012

The interest in Big Data at our recent Catalyst conference shows that enterprises have recognized the need for a new approach to exploiting massive and rapidly changing data streams.  When...

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The Best End User SharePoint Training Isn’t All About SharePoint

by Craig Roth  |  August 16, 2012

Many areas of SharePoint planning suffer from SharePoint centricity – in other words focusing on SharePoint alone rather than the broader collaboration environment.  This centricity shows up in developing collaboration...

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