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On-prem/Private IoT Platform Gotchas

by Erik Heidt  |  January 11, 2018

During 2017 I had a number of conversations with clients about where the computational power for their IoT projects would be located. In my webinar "IoT Target Architecture: Your Strategy's...

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Trusting SaaS With Your Data, eh?

by Erik Heidt  |  June 19, 2014

Two significant SaaS data loss events is short order... May 6th,, a SaaS solution for qualitative research announced a major data loss event and today (June 19) announced that they...

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Heartbleed Exploit in OpenSSL – How Should You Respond?

by Erik Heidt  |  April 9, 2014

What is the fault? It has been discovered that a coding error in OpenSSL enables attackers to examine memory on remote servers, or devices. Specificly: "A missing bounds check in the...

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Wizard Lays Waste to Acme Data Analytics with Chef Spell...

by Erik Heidt  |  March 10, 2014

As reported today on the front page of Cloud Wizard's Journal: Easy come, easy go. The same Cloud Wizard that created Acme Data Analytics cloud based data services, the differentiator...

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Add some IT GRC to your Catalyst! (or cloud, or crypto)

by Erik Heidt  |  July 18, 2013

Late breaking news: Just this week the opportunity to present an IT GRC session at Catalyst came up! As a result I will be presenting a 45 minute session discussing...

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