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China and the CDO

by Andrew White  |  March 15, 2019

We hosted our CDO-Circle, a gathering of key Chief Data Officers (and other senior D&A leaders) last week, during our UK Data and Analytics Conference. I was asked to join...

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The Good, The Bad, and the Get on with It (Interesting Economist Articles This Week)

by Andrew White  |  July 21, 2017

I read this week's Economist in two parts: the first half in my way from Atlanta to Seattle and the second half on my way from Seattle to Vancouver.  I...

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Interesting News from China on Patent Claims

by Andrew White  |  November 8, 2016

As I perused the election map this morning over breakfast, two articles fought over my attention. One concerned the slow but inexorable sucking sound that is emanating from China as...

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China Report: Roving Analyst Experience In China

by Andrew White  |  September 15, 2016

I spent 3 days in Singapore week before last and then all last week in China.  Here is a little "report" I compiled as I traveled around the place.  Firstly...

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When China Stops Buying US Treasuries

by Andrew White  |  July 6, 2015

I dutifully read my weekend edition of the Financial Times.  One small column explored one of the most important issues of the day.  It is an issue that is not...

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The real headline today: forget Blatter-think Beijing

by Andrew White  |  May 29, 2015

There was a lot to think about this morning, as I sipped my coffee reading the newspapers.  I was nearly moved to blog about a number of things: The idiocy...

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China and then Coming Chill

by Andrew White  |  May 26, 2015

I do believe that enough data is now mounting that suggests a chill economic wind from the East is due.  For a long time China has added more to global...

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Open Letter to Jack Lew - US Treasury Secretary - Concerning the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

by Andrew White  |  March 25, 2015

Open letter to Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary Dear Sir, I write in earnest to encourage your sincere desire and willingness to recommend to the President of the United Sates...

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Weekly “love in” with my Economist: from gold standard to lead standard

by Andrew White  |  August 27, 2014

This week was another one of those blockbuster weeks where articles got my brain teeming with ideas.  Some weeks are quite passive, other weeks the editorial team do a great...

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My Liberal Credentials unmasked: Comment in today’s Financial Times on China

by Andrew White  |  August 14, 2014

This concerns an article in the US print edition of the Financial Times, August 14, 2014: Comment: America's view of China is fogged by liberal ideas After reading Christopher Layne's piece...

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