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A Curious Development in Master Data Management (MDM) Land

by Andrew White  |  July 1, 2015

I was on a vendor briefing in support of an upcoming Magic Quadrant (MDM of Product Data Solutions) when a vendor said, "We are selling an MDM solution" when in...

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Does Open Data Lead to Sleazy Data?

by Andrew White  |  July 1, 2015

The U.S. print edition of the Wall Street Journal carried an interesting article today called, "Doctors, Hospitals Got $6.49 Billion From Firms in '14".  The article reports on data made...

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Is it Really Possible to Achieve a Single Version of Truth?

by Andrew White  |  February 20, 2014

Karen Heath, an analytics solution architect for Accenture’s Health business, posted this question (“Is it really possible to achieve a single version of the truth?”) in this week’s Information Management...

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When is MDM not MDM?

by Andrew White  |  April 29, 2011

My colleagues Roxane Edjlali and Kurt Schlegel just published a note titled, “Extending MDM Principles to BI Content”.  This was an interesting piece of research that highlights a logical argument,...

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New "use case" for MDM emerges with "middle-stream" MDM?

by Andrew White  |  January 21, 2011

A few years ago we observed a patter describing how technology was being used by organizations to achieve “single version of the truth” (MDM).  The pattern described a continuum of...

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On Analytical MDM...

by Andrew White  |  July 9, 2010

Been away too long - sorry folks.  Very busy here - MDM Hype Cycle work and MDM Magic Quadrant season too.  Oh for a simple life.  When too busy, blogging...

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When MDM isn’t MDM? In Finance of course, well sometimes…

by Andrew White  |  March 1, 2010

I took a tricky little inquiry today from a large industrial organization – one that is representative of many similar questions from many different users.  Operational MDM denotes the emphasis...

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The role of analytics and analysis on master data

by Andrew White  |  December 22, 2009

There are at least three sets of requirements that exist across two use cases for MDM that, despite showing similarities, might derail how MDM is evolving.  In operational MDM users...

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The Differences, and Similarities, between Operational MDM and Analytical MDM

by Andrew White  |  November 10, 2009

We finally published a note (see The Differences, and Similarities, between Operational MDM and Analytical MDM) that tries to get the bottom of this thorny issue.  It has taken a...

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More on Governance of Master Data

by Andrew White  |  October 2, 2009

I blogged yesterday about two of the main use-cases of MDM: operational MDM and analytical MDM.  Mark Beyer and I would “argue” if there was a way to denote the...

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