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ABM Platforms Have Arrived

by Todd Berkowitz  |  December 6, 2018

Last year, I made a prediction that we'd see at least three comprehensive ABM by the end of 2018. While we aren't at the point of having a single platform...

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Tech Growth and Innovation Recap and Cool Vendors in Tech Go-to-Market

by Todd Berkowitz  |  May 7, 2018

Just got back from our Tech Growth and Innovation (TGI) event last week in San Digeo and wanted to share some thoughts and observations from the event (see below). But...

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The Evolution of the Predictive B2B Marketing Analytics Space

by Todd Berkowitz  |  April 30, 2018

I've been covering the market for B2B predictive marketing analytics for almost four years. A few years ago, predictive lead scoring was all the rage. Then it became about fit...

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