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Product-centric APM: What’s in it for me?

by Bill Swanton  |  June 22, 2017

When selling any change, the first question you have to answer for the person you are trying to convince is “What’s in it for me?”  Moving from projects to products alarms the CFO and stakeholders, because they lose the iron triangle “contract” of agreed time, scope, and budget.  Putting aside the poor track record of […]

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Product-centric Works For Bimodal

by Bill Swanton  |  June 5, 2017

One of the biggest misconceptions of Gartner’s Bimodal IT research is that Mode 1 work continues to use waterfall project management methods and Mode 2 is agile.  Mode 1 work can continue to use waterfall as the the work is more (though not completely) predictable, but Mode 2 work is exploratory – we don’t know […]

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