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America holds semiconductor tech hostage against the rise of China

by Bill Ray  |  May 22, 2020

TSMC will have to play along with the US Department of Commerce if it’s going to maintain access to the US technology it needs to keep competitive. That means asking for a licence every time it takes an order from Huawei, and any other company that raises the ire of US authorities, despite the fact […]

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Another $10bn in semiconductor revenue disappears into Coronavirus-shaped hole

by Bill Ray  |  May 19, 2020

Updating our semiconductor forecast we’ve added 400,000 ventilators, five million pulse oximeters, and twenty-four million digital thermometers to the applications that will need semiconductor chips in 2020, but that’s not nearly enough to offset the smartphones and cars that people aren’t going to buy. We’re now forecasting that smartphone unit production will be down almost […]

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