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Is TSMC pitching to be America’s “Trusted Semiconductor Foundry”?

by Bill Ray  |  June 25, 2019

The US government keeps a very short list of foundries it trusts to make semiconductors for high-security applications. For years the leading entry was IBM, and then Global Foundries, but GF is stepping back from cutting-edge processes leaving the door ajar, and TSMC has come knocking. The list is maintained by the Defense Microelectronics Activity […]

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Radio is getting bigger, but chips are becoming harder to count

by Bill Ray  |  June 17, 2019

We’ve just published our Wireless Connectivity Market Share for 2018, showing that Broadcom remains the biggest retailer of radio chips and that MediaTek’s plan to diversify is working, but the numbers sidestep the increasing problem of how we should be counting these chips anyway. At Gartner we segment wireless chips by function – sorting out […]

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Intel throws laptop-shaped spaghetti to see what sticks

by Bill Ray  |  June 4, 2019

Intel showed off a whole lot of PC ideas at Computex, in Taipei, in the hope of making computing interesting again. My colleague Amy Teng got a close look at the prototypes and demonstrations on display and reckons some of them could do well. Adding more screens is an obvious shtick, and Intel showed off […]

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