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Bettina Tratz-Ryan
Research VP
14 years with Gartner
17 years in IT industry

Bettina Tratz-Ryan is a research vice president in Gartner Research, leading the research agenda for environmental sustainabity that is developing recommendations for technology and service vendors and software providers worldwide. Read Full Bio

Health check on Green and Sustainable IT Infrastructure and Operations Maturity

by Bettina Tratz-Ryan  |  March 15, 2013

Ever wonder how green holistic IT operations really are? How your customers are integrating green performance measurements into their procurement requirements? In a world of stack rankings and sustainability competitions, it is very important to identify the maturity of the framework, the consistency of the measurements, and the impact of how organizations are integrating this […]

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COP17: Who Bears The Risks Associated With Climate Change?

by Bettina Tratz-Ryan  |  December 2, 2011

So, there is yet another meeting of global leaders discussing global climate change. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Cop 17, in Durban, South Africa, is expected to deliver the successor of the Kyoto Agreement, binding countries to commitments to reduce the impact of climate change. The challenges are gargantuan!!! We are […]

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Observations from a “Smarter” Operations Center in Rio de Janeiro

by Bettina Tratz-Ryan  |  November 17, 2011

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Smarter Cities  event hosted by IBM in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. My first experience was a visit to Rio’s Operations Center, built by the city and IBM as part of the city’s urbanization strategy to integrate 30 different agencies that manage the city and citizen’s […]

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Hello world!

by Brian Hellauer  |  February 16, 2011

Welcome to Gartner Blog Network. Stay tuned for more developments in the Gartner Blog Network!

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