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Innovative and Cool Technology and Service Providers Drive Sustainability Business Opportunity

By Bettina Tratz-Ryan | April 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

What do eComau, reBuy, GQuotient and Vigyanlabs have in common with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois)? They have been selected by Gartner as the 2014 Cool Vendor for Sustainability and Green IT for their ability to develop and innovate a product, concept or solution which is based on a creative and cool value proposition targeting sustainable or green business opportunities. Those technology and service providers are incorporating real time and analytical elements such as the Internet of Things, analytics, Industry 4.0 and gamification as well as enterprise energy management to make their offering appealing to enterprise customers as well as consumers.

Business customers are receiving a clear and understandable message and proposition that the benefit of those offerings result in short term operational cost savings. In addition, they  can relate business value maps into the sustainable footprint which identifies long term risk and exposure of corporate IT and business towards environmental challenges. While long term strategies such as Create Shared Value  will drive business as well as customer focus and portfolio innovation, some customers will start with focused projects around IT Service, cloud and environmental footprint assessments, to relate details of sub systems metrics to a holistic-and infrastructure wide-  impact on sustainable corporate excellence.  The CLEER Model  is a joint development of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois) which provides this analytical framework that can be leveraged by users and vendors alike to analyze the environmental footprint of the IT cloud solutions. Breaking down the knowledge barriers and information constrains related to the  environmental, social and economic footprint between business and the supporting IT assets, productivity in IT as well as the processes is addressed by GQuotient’s  measurement, mapping and visualization solution and dashboard.

Starting with a resource focused view on energy and resource consumption, Vigyanlabs IPMPlus suite evaluates electricity use patterns supported by energy meters and power-saving capabilities across OS and application layers.  On the industrial production and manufacturing applications front, energy efficiency and sustainability footprints across an industrial process chain are analyzed by eComau, an Italian engineering and robotics firm. Those processes are supported by an industrialized sensor base similar such as Industry 4.0 that provides real time information on the linked and embedded energy life cycle which is displayed on various dashboards.

The Cool Vendor report features the business opportunity of turning an electronic secondary device market or recommerce into an enticing value proposition. One of the key issues is how to entice consumers to resell or offer their retired electronics on trading platform or to recommerce market places. Gartner’s refurbished phone sales market forecast shows that consumers need a strong benefit and market push to resell their retired smart phones instead of keeping them as spares.  reBuy, a German recommerce company that buys and sells mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, e-book readers, games and books, as well as software and gaming consoles, builds a motivational and gamification-like approach by offer a community approach of reselling consumer devices.  It provides an innovative and cool trading platform where consumers can search their “used items” by search term or ISBN number and post them on an Internet marketplace.

All those selected vendors show that innovative customer approaches and solutions can provide substantial customer value.  Congratulations to the 2014 Cool Vendors for Sustainability and Green IT.

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