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Your ‘Throat to Choke’ For Cloud Consumption – Cloud Services Brokerage – Is Within Reach

By Benoit Lheureux | December 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Every company that consumes Cloud services from multiple providers must address a simple multi-sourcing decision: “Who’s throat are you going to choke”?  CSB is not always the answer since many companies can and will consume cloud directly. No problem. But for companies that lack — or don’t want to be responsible for — Cloud-native technology, skills, and methodologies, Cloud services brokerage can help.

A key take-away from our recently published CSB Special Report (subscription required) is that in 2011 there was a proliferation of end-user interest in CSB and IT solutions leveraging CSB. In Cloud Services Brokerage Proliferates we introduce the following research:

This new research — published in corraboration with analysts across a wide range of Gartner research communities and core topic areas — builds upon our fast-growing body of CSB research. A complete list with brief descriptions for all the CSB research that we’ve published over the last three years is available here.

Here are some additional year-end 2011 take-aways from this year’s CSB research and our many client discussions:

  • Cloud computing overall and CSB in particular is a high-impact scenario that will affect the entire $865m IT services industry.
  • The three primary CSB roles are CSB aggregation, integration and customization brokerage, although there are other CSB roles (e.g., CSB arbitrage).
  • Proliferating B2B integration modernization projects – which often require investments in new software and skills – are driving adoption of integration brokerage.
  • Consumer adoption of the CSB role is proliferating overall, but intermediation is not necessarily required or appropriate for every company and Cloud project.
  • The CSB role is rapidly being incorporated into IT services including consulting and system integration, application services, BPO/BPU, and B2B ecommerce.
  • Deployment of multienterprise applications – which often requires combined B2B SaaS and integration services offerings – is driving CSB utilization.
  • CSB aggregation, integration and customization can help companies to implement innovative  multienterprise processes – e.g., see Mohawk case study above.

In 2011 we sought to further improve our definition and understanding of the emerging CSB scenario and deliver ever more specific and actionable research. In 2012 we’ll continue along this same trajectory – see Daryl Plummer’s latest CSB blog post for some thoughts about where he expects CSB to go in 2012. I’m looking forward to actively pursuing this line of research in 2012 and working with our clients, providers and my colleagues to further refine and deepen our understanding of the CSB phenomenon.

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