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Cloud Services Brokerages: The Dawn of the Next Intermediation Age

By Benoit Lheureux | November 08, 2010 | 0 Comments

 What do you believe?

Will every company on earth *always* consume Cloud services directly?

Governance. Integration. Security. Just a few of the issues companies must address when consuming Cloud services (not the easier browser-based services, the more sophisticated API-based Cloud services — for an example checkout

Before you object, … YES … I get it. One of the great things about Cloud computing is just that — the massive proliferation and promiscuous consumption of Cloud services. Innovation. Mashups. Cloud sourcing. Et al. I really get it!

But … despite the wonderful innovative opportunities that Cloud services consumption delivers to business it is still very technical, fraught with non-trivial regulatory and compliance issues, and — at the end of the day — at lest some companies are going to want and need help (think: services).

Gartner’s Cloud services forecast heralds a new age of IT where on-premise and Cloud-based business functionality will thrive and co-exist. And by necessity Cloud services will also heralds a new age of intermediation. Cloud services brokerages will help many companies to leverage Cloud computing.

Daryl Plummer and I, along with a bunch of colleagues, have published a special report on Cloud services brokerage soon to be featured on The landing page for the CSB special report will be up soon but all of the research is already available so I’m posting the list here for anyone who is interested. Once the special report landing page is up I’ll post that link here too.

I’ve been doing or covering B2B most all my professional life. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not prone to hyperbole. But, indeed, even if there are some tie-ins to the way things have been done in the past Cloud computing B2B is different than traditional ecommerce B2B.

More to come. For a taste, checkout Daryl’s related blog on Cloudstreams

This is going to be fun… 🙂


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