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Update on The B2B Frenzy

By Benoit Lheureux | February 03, 2010 | 2 Comments

In my recent post, Liaison and ADX Fuel The B2B Frenzy, I addressed a wide range of vendor landscape changes in B2B integration market segment. Here’s an update on related research:

  • Tibco’s acquisition of Foresight on Friday — my colleagues and I are still working on that
  • The GXS acquisition of Inovis — we just published a more detailed analysis (login req’d)
  • SPS Commerce’ December IPO filing with the SEC — detailed analysis on that available soon
  • Liaison acquired ADX in January — I recently published some analysis on that (public)
  • Oracle’s alliance with E2open on Business Process Networks — research here (login req’d)

What’s happening? Well, as companies strive for operational efficiency and new revenue opportunities in a challenging economy, B2B continues to florish as a key IT initiative. And, larger B2B providers are snapping up bargains while the others continue to mature and expand their own operations in anticipation (and hope) for economic recovery. And finally, mega-application vendor Oracle is dancing with E2open and SAP continues to raise its stakes with Crossgate — for years we’ve wondered how long they would continue to treat B2B as a second-class IT citizen — its not likley this status-quo can last much longer.

Net-Net: The B2B vendor landscape has never been so volitale — or interesting. Expect it to remain so through 2010 and into 2011

– bjl

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  • Sam Bayer says:

    Hi Benoit,

    We’re seeing two major trends in the market.

    1 – The Laggard (Industrial) Manufacturers, especially in the SMB market, are finally being pressured by their customers to invest in B2B eCommerce websites for Order Management.
    2 – The On-Demand business model has finally produced an affordable solution (especially in the SAP market where we are focused) and one that minimizes the reliance on the IT department.

    The major consequence of these trends is that the IT organization has to evolve their self-image from builder’s of applications or managers of large implementation projects to providers of web services. The organizations that can make that shift are delivering business value at lightening speed. The ones that can’t…

    Sam Bayer