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Benoit J. Lheureux
Research VP
8 years at Gartner
31 years IT industry

Benoit Lheureux is a research VP in Gartner Research and agenda manager for the Application Infrastructure group. He focuses on three areas: application integration, middleware and B2B e-commerce, with the emphasis on the latter. Read Full Bio

EDI turns API meets IoT to Enable DMI – A Gob-Smacking B2B IT Mash-up

by Benoit Lheureux  |  March 17, 2016

Had an interesting client conversation the other day about device managed inventory (DMI), an IoT-enabled variation of widely-adopted vendor managed inventory (VMI). Where VMI uses inventory status levels from traditional sources (e.g., retail store shelves and manufacturing inventory bins) DMI uses inventory status levels from IoT-enhanced things (e.g., vending machines or manufacturing equipment). Both are forms of auto replenishment. […]

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RESTful API’s – Alone – Often Aren’t Sufficient for Successful IoT Integration

by Benoit Lheureux  |  September 23, 2015

For years I’ve admired the following picture … Source: … because it’s a terrific metaphor for complex systems – and the challenge of assembling them. Lately I’ve been using this figure as a metaphor for complex end-to-end IoT projects, and the challenge of integrating them. My point is simply that you wouldn’t expect to […]

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In the age of APIs why do 2 million companies interact via B2B networks? (Hint: “B2B Tower of Bable”)

by Benoit Lheureux  |  August 25, 2015

While doing primary research in preparation for our soon-to-be published Market Guide for Integration Brokerage I’ve discovered that over 2 million companies (growing, fast) world-wide connect and interact electronically with each other via B2B networks, such as those operated by Comarch, E2open, IBM, Liaison Technologies, OpenText, SAP, SPS Commerce and Tieto. In the age of […]

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Master These Five Crucial Competencies in Complex IoT Projects

by Benoit Lheureux  |  July 29, 2015

Some clients have been asking for a “short list” of crucial IoT competencies they should focus on to help ensure a successful implementation of larger end-to-end IoT projects (which tightly integrate IoT devices, IoT platforms and back-end applications). It’s a trick question, because large IT projects draw on such a wide range of technologies and […]

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Liaison Acquires Hubspan — And Other B2B Claim Stakes

by Benoit Lheureux  |  August 23, 2012

In recent years the B2B market segment has been fairly active — see Update on The B2B Frenzy and IBM Acquires Sterling Commerce — And Ups the Ante on B2B. Activity tends to occur in waves, and the last few months have been very active: Liaison Acquired Hubspan — this week.  Anyone following this provider […]

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Internal CSB Role Creates New Value for IT Org

by Benoit Lheureux  |  August 22, 2012

Here in Australia at our AADI event I just hosted an “analyst user round-table” (think: analyst-facilitated IT Leader discussion) on the topic of cloud services brokerage. Was a small, passionate-about-talking-cloud group of folks — without knowing it we ran 15 minutes long on a 45 minute session and the Events staff eventually kicked us out […]

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1,000 Gartner Clients Served (!)

by Benoit Lheureux  |  July 11, 2012

Yesterday I completed a call on the topic of EDI and B2B integration with a client and coincidentally also achieved a professional milestone: the client, La-Z-Boy Inc. (named with permission — thank you!), was the 1,000th Gartner client I’ve served 🙂 Rather than mark the event by ringing a bell, introducing live-band music and showering […]

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Are Nine Solution Patterns for Integration Brokerage Enough?

by Benoit Lheureux  |  March 13, 2012

When is enough, enough? Yesterday I published research that enumerates and describes nine different integration brokerage  (IB) solution patterns — Integration Brokerage Solution Patterns Address Many Integration Problems (subscription required). For those not familiar with the term “integration brokerage”, its a form of IT outsourcing for integration project implementation and management — think: Managed Services […]

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Your ‘Throat to Choke’ For Cloud Consumption – Cloud Services Brokerage – Is Within Reach

by Benoit Lheureux  |  December 13, 2011

Every company that consumes Cloud services from multiple providers must address a simple multi-sourcing decision: “Who’s throat are you going to choke”?  CSB is not always the answer since many companies can and will consume cloud directly. No problem. But for companies that lack — or don’t want to be responsible for — Cloud-native technology, skills, […]

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Cloud: Proceed With Caution — Brokerages Can Help

by Benoit Lheureux  |  June 20, 2011

July 19th update — updated below with reference to 2nd of two CSB case studies, on Mohawk – bjl June 28th update — updated below with reference to 1st of two CSB case studies, just published — bjl ————————————————— Original post follows: I’ve just returned to the US from London where we held our annual Application […]

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