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You Can’t Fix Stupid: Renewed Calls For Cybersecurity Legislation (U.S.)

by Ben Tomhave  |  January 14, 2015

(yes, I’m feeling a bit cheeky today;) As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, President Obama renewed calls increased cybersecurity legislation, all apparently because Sony Pictures Entertain (SPE) got hacked? If you’ve not heard, check out the mainstream press coverage here: President Obama’s Letter to the House of Representatives SECURING CYBERSPACE – President Obama Announces New […]

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Sonys and Targets and Heartbleeds! Oh My!

by Ben Tomhave  |  January 9, 2015

Now that we can soundly close the book on 2014, it’s perhaps a good time to take a quick think back as we consider our best path forward. 2014 was indeed the year of infosec insanity, based on the sheer number of large breaches, number of breaches, number of “major, earth-shattering” vulnerability disclosures, etcetera etcetera […]

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